You Voted for Who?
And You Call Yourself
A Christian?

The purpose of the book is to expose how Christianity has been, and continues to be, under assault by those who don’t have the teachings of Christ as the basis for their walk.  The conservative movement in this country – represented most exclusively by the Republican Party and the Tea Party – has successfully hijacked Christianity with the active assistance of many Christian leaders, and it is time for Christians to rescue our faith from those whose actions continue to mislead our followers and publicly misrepresent what is fundamental to the faith.


 Available in Hardcover Print and E-Versions.

About the Author

David M. Kennedy and his wife of 35 years, Terri, are the parents of two daughters and one son, two sons-in-laws and two granddaughters.  David continues to practice civil trial law as he has done for over 30 years, the majority of which is in the representation of the victims or families of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.  He was born and raised in Sherman, Texas, where he served as a Baptist church elder and deacon chairman, and then founded with others a non-denominational church focused on outreach.

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